MERCATOR gogrip orange

Resistance and durability for professionals!

Unique quality premium nitrile glove is perfect for working in difficult conditions. Its distinct colour is perfectly visible, which will definitely facilitate your work. Where a secure grip, precision, unlimited movement and protection against viruses, fungi and bacteria are of utmost importance, the MERCATOR nitrile gogrip orange glove is made just for you.



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Gloves for special purposes

Exceptionally elastic MERCATOR gogrip gloves are three times thicker than standard gloves available on the market. These gloves made of robust nitrile have a unique 3D diamond texture which makes your grip strong and secure without limiting your precision. Original MERCATOR gogrip structure allows you to operate mobile devices without taking off your gloves.  Their perfectly conspicuous, intense orange colour makes them stand out in every environment.  What is important, gogrip orange gloves are designed to prevent sweating of hands, thus ensuring comfort of work.

Recommendable applications

For whom have the MERCATOR gogrip orange gloves been designed? They are recommended in particular in the automotive industry, in machine operation, construction, fuel, assembly and industrial sectors – wherever your hand needs protection against dirt and is exposed to contact with chemical substances such as oils or lubricants.

Who should choose MERCATOR gogrip Orange gloves?

  • Construction workers
  • Construction engineers
  • Miners
  • Chemical industry workers
  • Steelworkers
  • Warehouse workers
  • Carpenters


High quality and the highest level of protection is confirmed by the fact that the gloves have been registered as personal protective equipment of category 3, type B. We subject our gloves to extensive tests to ensure your safety and protection against fungi, bacteria and viruses and selected chemicals.

 Elasticity and high resistance to stretching allow you to reduce the number of used gloves and thus help you protect the environment.

Give your hands premium class protection – choose MERCATOR gogrip!


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MERCATOR gogrip orange:

Revolutionary 3D diamond texture.
Revolutionary 3D diamond texture.
3x thicker than standard gloves.
3x thicker than standard gloves.
High resistance to selected chemicals.
High resistance to selected chemicals.
Help reduce wear on the gloves as well as recycling costs
Help reduce wear on the gloves as well as recycling costs
Original inside – the 3D structure prevents sweating of hands during use.
Original inside – the 3D structure prevents sweating of hands during use.
Protection in a greasy and damp work environment.
Protection in a greasy and damp work environment.
Resistant to oils and lubricants.
Resistant to oils and lubricants.

Especially recommended for:


Product type
personal protective equipment
Protection type
III type B
Internal surface
universal (ambidextrous)
beaded cuff
Household and protective - professional glove length
thicker gloves
Suitable for sensitive skin
yes, non-latex gloves


Standards and certifications:

This product is a product with all certificates, in accordance with the latest regulatory requirements in the field of personal protective equipment.

Therefore, the product also meets the highest quality and product standards for personal protective equipment.

Confirmation of the above provisions and the list of certificates, standards and legal and regulatory provisions relating to the product can be found in the Declaration of Conformity.

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Material characteristics:


Nitrile, also known as acrylonitrile butadiene rubber (NBR), is a material composed of organic chemical compounds. The production process of this raw material was modified so that it can compete with natural rubber. Nitrile gloves are an ideal alternative to gloves made of natural rubber. Nitrile gloves:

• do not contain latex proteins – safe for persons sensitive to latex

• their content of chemical vulcanisation accelerators is limited to a minimum

• have good barrier properties for chemicals

Minimised content of chemical accelerators significantly reduces the risk of type IV allergy.

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