Mercator Medical Group

The information in this section summarises the history of the Mercator Medical Group to date. It is here that we answer questions about who we are and what market we operate on, and what values drive our business. We also present information on the Group’s structure, ISO management system, as well as the awards and distinctions we have been honoured with in recent years.

Who we are

The Mercator Medical Group is a manufacturer of medical gloves and a distributor of single-use medical materials. With nearly thirty years of experience, it is a recognised brand in the medical industry, based on Polish capital. As a manufacturer it sells to almost 70 countries worldwide, and as a distributor it operates in the markets of Europe. It is one of the most important players in Poland and a major player in the international arena, with systematic geographical expansion in single-use product markets. It offers around 120 own products and products of internationally renowned brands.

Who we are

Composition of the Mercator Medical Group

Composition of the Mercator Medical Group

The Mercator Medical Group consists of the parent company Mercator Medical and its subsidiaries. The parent company coordinates and supervises the operations of individual subsidiaries as a decision-making body for matters concerning the development and implementation of the company’s strategy. The most important subsidiaries of Mercator Medical S.A. are:

  • Mercator Medical (Thailand) Ltd. based in Thailand 
  • Mercator Medical TOB based in Ukraine 
  • Mercator Medical s.r.l. based in Romania 
  • Mercator Medical s.r.o. based in the Czech Republic 
  • Mercator Medical KFT. based in Hungary 
  • Mercator Medical GmbH based in Germany 
  • Mercator Medical Italia Srl based in Italy

Mercator Medical products reach all continents, especially North America, as well as countries where demand for single-use materials is growing rapidly as the occupational health and safety awareness increases (South America, Asia, Middle East countries).

The European part of the Group is focused on the promotion and sale of single-use medical devices – mainly gloves, single-use clothing and surgical draping. It has an organised distribution in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and trading partners in the UK, Bulgaria, Italy, Serbia, Georgia, Lithuania, Belarus and other European countries.

Composition 1

The Asian part of the company focuses on the manufacture and container sale of examination gloves intended for dentists, veterinary practitioners and other health care professionals, as well as technical gloves designed to protect the hands of automotive, food and heavy industry workers. Mercator Medical (Thailand) Ltd. acquires contractors all over the world.

Globally, Mercator Medical customers are healthcare units, industrial plants, retail chains and pharmaceutical wholesalers.

Composition 2

The seat of the management board of Mercator Medical S.A., which also coordinates the operations of other subsidiaries, as well as the most important departments supporting the Group’s service, is located in Krakow.

The Logistics Centre and Customer Service Department of Mercator Medical S.A. are located in Brześć Kujawski. The former serves as a buffer storage for a part of the deliveries for foreign distribution companies, and is also responsible for the execution of orders on the Polish and foreign markets. The Customer Service Department is dedicated to professional and comprehensive service of individual customers and institutions. In October 2019, Mercator Medical S.A. signed an agreement with Yusen Logistics to acquire new storage space in a new warehouse at the container terminal in Gdańsk.

Composition 3

What market we operate on?

The Mercator Medical Group has been successful in the global medical glove market dominated by Asian companies, selling to nearly 70 countries with 2% share in the global market.

What market we operate on?

Global market growth factors

  • No direct substitutes for single-use medical gloves.
  • Expected further growth of the gloves market driven by an increasing number of treatments, higher level of awareness and tightened regulations.
  • The growing problem of infectious diseases:
    - increasing number of cases of hepatitis B and C, HIV and other infectious diseases,
    - increasing number of cases of infectious diseases and infections in hospitals,
    - a trend of „double gloving”.
  • Growth of the medical sector:
    - reforms of healthcare systems, ageing society and development of advanced technologies;
    - growing health care standards and tightened regulations;
    - expected increase in health care spending due to the convergence of emerging and developed countries’ markets and the growing demand for health care.

The structure of the Group

Mercator Medical S.A. is a company that has been operating in the European medical market for years. It was the foundation for the Mercator Medical Group, in which the most important subsidiaries are:

  • The Mercator Medical Group companies are present in the following countries:
    • Poland
    • Czech Republic
    • Thailand
    • Romania
    • Ukraine
    • Hungary
    • Italy
    • Germany
  • Sales distribution by the Mercator Group branches
  • Sales covered by the factory in Thailand
The structure of the Group

History of the Group

The history of the Mercator Medical Group dates back to 1989, when Piotr and Wiesław Żyznowski founded Firma Handlowa „Mercator” Żyznowski i Spółka, Spółka Jawna. Then, in 1993, Mercator Med. S.A. was established as a public limited company, from which the independent companies Mercator Papier S.A., Mercator Medical S.A. and Mercator Poligrafia S.A. sprang up in the following years.

History of the Group

Mercator Medical S.A. has been active as an independent entity on the market of medical devices since 1996. Initially, the company focused exclusively on medical and protective gloves. In response to customer needs and as a result of continuous development, the product range has been extended to include dressings, single-use clothing and surgical draping.

As the product portfolio developed, areas of activity extended as well.
In 2004, the company started to develop direct distribution in Hungary and Ukraine, and in 2006 in Romania as well, setting up a branch in Budapest and subsidiaries in Kiev and Cluj-Napoca. In 2006, Mercator Medical S.A. decided to purchase shares in a company located in Thailand which manufactured medical gloves. This acquisition resulted in the establishment of Mercator Medical (Thailand) Ltd.

On 21 November 2013, Mercator Medical S.A. made its debut on the Main List of the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

2015 turned out to be another milestone for our company. In April, Mercator Medical OOO started its operations on the Russian market, which allowed for the dynamization of direct sales to other countries across the eastern borders. The group has also grown to include a company in the Czech Republic - Mercator Medical s.r.o. and the subsidiary Mercator Medical based in the USA.

In 2016, the company carried out a further issue of shares which were subscribed for by stock exchange investors. In 2017, a Mercator Medical company was launched in Italy.

In 2017, Mercator Medical (Thailand) Ltd. started building another nitrile glove factory in Thailand, which commenced its operations already in 2018. In 2019, the Group decided to set up a company in Germany.

Today, products of the Mercator Medical Group are present on all continents. With the distribution of gloves purchased from external suppliers, the Group’s total sales potential can be estimated at around 6 billion gloves per year.

Significant events

  • On the initiative of, inter alia, the President Wiesław Żyznowski and the former long-term Vice President Monika Sitko, now the company’s main shareholders, the company Mercator Medical S.A. was founded, based in Krakow, specialising in the distribution of single-use medical gloves.
  • Commencement of the company's operations in the public procurement sector with tenders organised by healthcare institutions; the product offer addressed directly to contracting authorities.
  • The central warehouse and the Sales Office in Stary Brześć are opened.
  • Mercator Medical starts selling its products abroad – in the Central and Eastern European countries.
  • A branch of Mercator Medical S.A. is established in Hungary.
  • A subsidiary, Mercator Medical TOB, is established in Ukraine.
  • Distribution cooperation is commenced with Ansell Healthcare – a company specialising in the production of surgical gloves.
  • The Group extends its assortment with single-use nonwoven clothing.
  • A subsidiary, Mercator Medical s.r.l., is established in Romania.
  • 50.4% of shares are purchased in B-Care located in Thailand – currently Mercator Medical (Thailand) Ltd. – which manufactures medical gloves.
  • The opening of a new warehouse in Stary Brześć.
  • The Group adds medical dressings to its assortment.
  • Upgrade of the glove plant in Thailand – the commissioning of a new power boiler.
  • A subsidiary, Mercator Medical KFT., is established in Hungary
  • Mercator Medical (Thailand) Ltd. starts exporting to customers in Russia, Belarus, Canada, Tunisia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, Kenya, Turkey and South American countries (Paraguay, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, Uruguay).
  • The Group adds surgical drapes and specialist surgical drapes to its assortment.
  • Mercator Medical S.A. obtains certificates for the sale of products in Russia and starts exporting its products to that region.
  • A distribution sales network starts its operation in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
  • Upgrade of the glove plant in Thailand – the commissioning of a second power boiler and commencement of construction of a warehouse and office hall to adapt the existing building to new production lines; the first of the four new dual production lines is ordered.
  • 21.11.2013 – Debut on the Main List of the Warsaw Stock Exchange in Warsaw.
  • The extension of the single-use glove factory in Thailand begins.
  • 9.03.2015 – Commissioning of the fourth and last of the planned, dual latex gloves production line at the Mercator Medical factory in Thailand. The launch of all new production lines enabled the production of 110 million gloves per month.
  • The expansion of the Mercator Medical S.A. Logistics Centre in Stary Brześć is completed. The investment included a storage hall of 2,682 m2, with the storage height of 6.2 m and capacity of almost 2,600 pallet spaces with goods, and an administrative aisle with an area of 177 m2.
  • Distribution activities in Russia are commenced.
  • Distribution activities in the Czech Republic are commenced.
  • The Group extends its composition by adding a US subsidiary Mercator Medical LLC based in the United States. The company is not currently operating. The Management Board of Mercator Medical S.A. prepares to begin the distribution of medical gloves in this region of the world.
  • 18.03.2016 – Mercator Medical concludes a set of long-term and short-term credit agreements with CIMB Thai Bank based in Thailand, with a total value exceeding PLN 86 million.
  • Rebranding of packaging for household and protective gloves.
  • 8.08.2016 – The company presents an updated development strategy for 2016–2018.
  • The construction of the second plant in Thailand is commenced to increase the production capacity by approx. 150%, i.e. to 3 billion gloves per year. This investment includes a facility which specialises in the production of nitrile gloves, which currently are the fastest growing segment in the global market of single-use medical gloves. The cost of the investment in Thailand has been estimated at PLN 107 million.
  • Construction of a facility manufacturing single-use nonwoven products is started in Poland. The company purchased a plot for this purpose with the area of 1 ha in Pikutkowo k. Brześć Kujawski, where the Sales Office and Logistics Centre of the company is located.
  • Introduction of new packaging for household and protective gloves.
  • Secondary public offering is carried out – financing of capacity increase by 150%.
  • Distribution of Group products in more than 50 countries.
  • Construction of a nitrile glove factory in Thailand is commenced.
  • Rebranding of packaging for diagnostic and protective gloves.
  • Launching the production of nonwoven products in Poland.
  • Establishing a company in Italy.
  • Launch of a nitrile glove factory in Thailand.
  • Launch of a distribution sales network in Great Britain.
  • Rebranding of packaging for surgical gloves.
  • Distribution of Group products in more than 60 countries on five continents.
  • The level of 2% of the global share in the sale of gloves is reached.
  • Launching of a company in Germany.
  • Distribution of Group products in 70 countries on five continents.

Our mission

What really is the mission of the company? For us, this is something that allows us to move in the right direction. This is possible thanks to three strategic principles that we successfully implement:

  • We are and want to continue working in the long term to prevent contamination and infections in a manner that is innovative and profitable.
  • We are committed to offering products that provide the highest level of safety and comfort for their end users, i.e. our customers.
  • We educate and encourage everyone to utilise single-use personal protective products. Self-care is a priority for each of us and – with our work – we hope to make it easier for everyone!

Our vision

What is our vision? We want the Mercator Medical Group to be a global company that manufactures gloves and other single-use materials to prevent infections, increasing the protection, safety and comfort of users. We believe that we will become a leading player in the sector of protective and medical devices in Europe, through organic growth and strategic alliances. This is why we are pursuing a successful geographical expansion and are developing our product portfolio to be innovative and fully responsive to the current needs. We not only want to deliver the highest quality products and services, but also provide our customers with the knowledge on how to protect themselves from these infections, and build long-term relationships with them based on mutual trust and experience.

Key values:

In all aspects of our business we adhere to the principles of ethics, openness and transparency.

Respect for others

Employees, contractors, partners and stakeholders are extremely important to us. We are committed to maintaining good relationships and adhering to the principles of fair competition. We value privacy.

Respect for others
Clear communication

Internal and external communication in the Group is transparent, open, clear and meaningful. We share information that contributes to the development of individual companies.

Clear communication
Managing empowerment to achieve the purpose

We delegate our powers, based on experience, skills and knowledge. Our actions are focused on achieving the intended goal. Growth is the most important thing for us. All persons associated with the Group are responsible for it.

Managing empowerment to achieve the purpose
Market-based customer focus

We listen to the needs of customers. We offer reliable, expert information and professional support. We share knowledge and experience, we offer support. We monitor our actions and fulfil our commitments.

Market-based customer focus
We respond to key needs

Our products are essential to everyday life and extremely useful.

We respond to key needs
We combine the characteristics of a private company and a corporation

We try to combine the entrepreneurial spirit characteristic of private business owners with corporate best practices that are found in systemically organised companies, independent in their operations from their owners or shareholders.

We combine the characteristics of a private company and a corporation
Local patriotism

Our industry and specialisation require activity in many countries. We want to cultivate the local character wherever we are – and reconcile the necessary corporate centralisation with the local conditions.

Local patriotism

Quality Management System – ISO

In order to satisfy all legal and regulatory requirements and, above all, customer expectations for the highest quality, functionality and safety of the products delivered, we have implemented and maintain a Quality Management System at the company that complies with EN ISO 9001:2015 and EN ISO 13485:2016, which we continue to enhance.

Quality Management System – ISO
ISO 9001

ISO 9001 is currently the most popular management system standard, with over 1,100,000 certified organisations in 180 countries. ISO 9001 certification is addressed to companies that want to confirm their compliance with the standard and demonstrate consistent company improvement. ISO 9001:2015 is the latest version of this quality trend-setting standard. It indicates risk management that may impact the organisation’s achievement of its goals, process approach and customer orientation as key factors to ensuring system effectiveness. The organisation should consider the customer as the most important actor in the process of improving the quality of products and services.

ISO 13485

The ISO 13485 standard is an extension of the requirements of ISO 9001 in respect of the medical devices sector. It is focused primarily on the safety of devices. It also sets out the requirements for medical devices, and its purpose is to ensure the highest quality of devices and their compliance with legal requirements and customer expectations.


The following certificates are a proof of the quality management system conformity with the requirements of the above standards:

PN-EN ISO 9001:2015

for the manufacture of medical (examination, surgical) gloves, household gloves, dressing materials, single-use surgical drapes and personal protective equipment. Purchase, storage and distribution as well as domestic and international sales of medical gloves, household gloves, dressing materials, single-use nonwoven medical clothing, single-use surgical drapes and personal protective equipment.

PN-EN ISO13485:2016

for the manufacture of medical (examination, surgical) gloves, dressing materials and single-use surgical drapes. Purchase, storage and distribution as well as domestic and international sales of medical gloves, dressing materials, single-use nonwoven medical clothing, and single-use surgical drapes.

CE according to 93/42/EEC

We also have CE certification in accordance with Medical Directive 93/42/EEC to certify the quality assurance system in production and final inspection of sterile and non-sterile dressing materials, surgical drapes and surgical gloves.

The acquired certificates allow customers to be sure that the product they purchase complies with the European Union regulations and meets the requirements in terms of safety, environmental protection and user health.

For Mercator Medical S.A., they are a valuable asset in maintaining and acquiring new customers in the future, and a proof that our company belongs to the elite group of top quality manufacturers.

Awards and distinctions

We are constantly developing, creating stable foundations for the future. Our achievements are appreciated in Poland and abroad. The Mercator Medical Group continues to receive more prestigious awards and distinctions.

Awards and distinctions
  • The title of the Lesser Poland Leader 2020 for the Mercator Medical Group. The award granted by the Association of Municipalities and Counties of Lesser Poland (Stowarzyszenie Gmin i Powiatów Małopolski, SGiPM) distinguishes “Lesser Poland locomotives”, which are the most important initiatives, spectacular achievements as well as economically and socially relevant investments affecting the dynamic development of the region. The SGiPM is the largest regional local government organisation, currently comprising more than 100 municipalities and counties from the historical area of Lesser Poland.

  • We have just debuted in the 22nd Edition of the Ranking “Lista 500” of the Rzeczpospolita daily, becoming the Eagle of the Republic of Poland. Our company has been recognised for its rapid growth and presence in markets around the world.

  • Mercator Medical S.A. with the “Investor Without Borders” distinction! The award is granted every year during the European Economic Congress in Katowice to the most effective Polish investors pursuing foreign expansion. Our organisation has been recognised for creating a global, specialised and advanced company operating in an important sector of the modern economy. The award was collected by Wiesław Żyznowski, President of Mercator Medical S.A., who commented on the distinction: “We hire only 10% of our employees in Poland and the remainder in foreign markets. It is similar with our investments. In the case of sales, Poland is responsible for 20-25% of revenues and the rest are export markets, especially the US. Therefore, the “Investor Without Borders” distinction fits our business profile and it gives me great satisfaction that we have received this title”.

  • Mercator Medical was awarded in the “Foreign Investment Pioneer” category in the ninth edition of the Polish Company – International Champion competition. Once again, the competition was organised by PwC Poland and the Puls Biznesu magazine. The company has been recognised for its foreign investments to date and for the establishment of sales companies in foreign markets. The Mercator Medical Group is present in 70 countries on 5 continents, having a 2% share in the global market.

  • During the 2nd Congress of Family Businesses of Forbes magazine, Mercator Medical was awarded the title of the Family Ambassador of the Year 2020, which is a distinction for “corporations with a heart”, namely family companies in which harmonious cooperation between generations and “family” relationships not only among the owners, but also in dealing with the employees, do not contradict purely business values, enabling companies to grow dynamically. On behalf of the company, the award was collected by Monika Żyznowska, Member of the Management Board of Mercator Medical S.A.
  • „Forbes’ Diamonds” for the most dynamically developing companies in Poland.
  • Award granted by the magazine Puls Biznesu – “Gazele Biznesu”.
  • Bronze finalist of the Polish Project Excellence Award 2019 in the “Investment Projects” – for the successfully completed project of building a nitrile glove factory in Thailand.
  • dr Wiesław Żyznowski, the President of the Mercator Medical Group, is the finalist of the 16th Edition of the EY Entrepreneur of the Year competition.
  • Award granted by the magazine Puls Biznesu – “Gazele Biznesu”.
  • Award granted by the magazine Puls Biznesu – “Gazele Biznesu”.
  • Award granted by the magazine Puls Biznesu – “Gazele Biznesu”.
  • Award for Mercator Medical from the magazine „Puls Biznesu” – “Gazele Biznesu 2014”.
  • Mercator Medical placed in the Forbes’ Diamonds ranking - 3rd place in the regional list and 32nd place in the national list.
  • Mercator Medical awarded a distinction by the daily „Rzeczpospolita” in the competition “Orły Eksportu Województwa Małopolskiego” [Eagles of Export of the Lesser Poland Voivodeship] as the most active entrepreneur in the Małopolska region in the categories: “Najdynamiczniejszy Eksporter” [Most dynamic Exporter] and “Najlepszy Debiut w Eksporcie” [Best Debut in Exports].
  • Mercator Medical S.A. awarded a distinction in the competition “Dobry Wzór 2015” [Good Design] organised by Institute of Industrial Design in Warsaw. The system of packaging for diagnostic and surgical gloves was positively evaluated by the Experts, which secured Mercator Medical’s place among the finalists of the competition.
  • Distinction for Mercator Medical in the ranking prepared by the Instytut Nowoczesnego Biznesu – the title of “Światowa Firma 2013”.
  • 18.11.2014 – the statue and title of “Globalny Lider Przyszłości” [Global Leader of the Future] at the closing conference for the first edition of the competition run by Think Tank „Poland, Go Global!”.
  • Award granted by the magazine Puls Biznesu – “Gazele Biznesu”.
  • The titles of “Gepard Biznesu” and “Gazela Biznesu”.
  • Award at the Polish National Competition “Światowa Firma” [Worldwide Company] – distinction in the ranking prepared by the Instytut Nowoczesnego Biznesu [Institute of Modern Business].
  • Award granted by the magazine Puls Biznesu – “Gazele Biznesu”.
  • Award granted by the magazine Puls Biznesu – “Gazele Biznesu”.
  • Diagnostic vinyl gloves vinylex® were awarded the Product of the Year award organised by Ogólnopolski Przegląd Medyczny [National Medical Review].
  • Award granted by the magazine Puls Biznesu – “Gazele Biznesu”.