Education is one of the market segments that have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. This unusual situation has forced staff and students to adhere strictly to the sanitary regime. It has been necessary to wear protective masks and gloves. When basic personal protective equipment is used, the risk of infection with the virus falls to a minimum, and that is why it is so important when working with young people.

What to pay attention to?

The most important consideration when choosing gloves is to pay attention to the barrier and virus protection they provide. This will minimise the chance of microorganisms being transferred to your hands. Remember to change the gloves regularly – approximately every sixty minutes – and not to touch your mouth and nose with the gloves.

When wearing gloves, remember:
  • use only single-use gloves and discard them after removal!

  • for hygienic reasons, wear single-use gloves for each activity;

  • Do not disinfect used gloves – it is not allowed!

  • select appropriate glove material for the specific task – pay attention to the barrier properties of the material.

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