Your hands are the basic tool you use at work – whether you are a cosmetologist, tattoo artist or a hairdresser. This means that you should protect them from risks.

Principles of health and safety at work

We should remember that hands are a primary route of transmission of microorganisms. In order to avoid their spreading, it is important to follow proper hygiene principles and choose appropriate single-use gloves.

The most important principles of health and safety at work
  • One pair of gloves (minimum) = one procedure.

  • Use only single-use gloves and discard them after removal!

  • For hygienic reasons, use single-use gloves for each procedure.

  • Do not disinfect used gloves – it is not allowed!

  • For epidemiological reasons, always wear appropriate single-use gloves for all procedures involving interruption of the tissue continuity and for those performed in contact with mucous membranes.

  • Ensure comfort for yourself, the patient and other patients – pay attention to potential sources of infection.

  • Always disinfect hands before and after donning gloves; wash your hands if necessary.

  • During the procedure do not use the gloves in contact with objects of personal use (such as a mobile phone), which provide a hotbed for bacteria.

  • Choose the correct glove size and raw material for your hands.



The raw material of which gloves are made and the area in which you work is very important – since using appropriate gloves offers comfort and tactile sensitivity, and also provides an effective protective barrier and safety for you and your clients.

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