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For your convenience, Mercator Medical S.A. uses cookies to adapt its website to the needs of users and for statistical purposes. Cookies are small text files sent by the website you visit to your device (computer, smartphone, etc.). They do not contain any personal data.

Mercator Medical S.A. uses two types of cookies on its website:

  1. performance cookies (gathering information about how visitors use the website, e.g. the most visited pages or error messages, etc.),
  2. functional cookies (saving user settings, such as the language, consents, etc.), for example:
    • cookies of – provide statistics for the website; details about their functioning and the privacy policy of Google Analytics are available here:,
    • cookies of – allow to see how users use the website; details about their functioning and the privacy policy are available at:,
    • session cookies – temporary files stored in the browser memory until the session is ended (closed).

The website of Mercator Medical S.A. may contain links to third-party websites which may also use cookies other than those listed above including, in particular, files that allow signing in or delivery of advertisements tailored to the preferences and behaviours of the user. These types of cookies are:

  • cookies – containing user preferences and a click counter; the privacy policy of YouTube is described at:,
  • and cookies – allowing signing in, as well as cookies placed by advertisers to match the content and form of advertising; the cookie policy of Vimeo is available at:

Most web browsers allow to: delete cookies from the computer’s hard disk (a feature available in the browser settings), block all incoming cookies, or set a warning before saving them to disk.

Please note that any changes to the settings of these files in order to restrict their operation may affect some of the functionalities available on the websites that apply them, e.g. this may prevent signing in to the email account. Not changing these settings means that you accept the use of cookies.

Please find below the instructions on how to change cookie settings in the most popular browsers:

Google Chrome
Menu > Settings > Show Advanced Settings > Privacy > Content Settings > Cookies

- select the desired option.

Internet Explorer
Menu > Tools > Internet Options > Privacy

- select the desired option.

Mozilla Firefox
Menu > Options > Privacy > History

- select the desired option.

Menu > Preferences > Advanced > Cookies

- select the desired option.

Menu > Preferences > Privacy > Cookies

- select the desired option.
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Fraud alert

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

We kindly inform you that the website is not related to Mercator Medical Group and should be considered as a scam and unlawful impersonation of Mercator Medical S.A. or the Mercator Medical Group. We bear no responsibility for any unlawful activities or false information originating from the aforementioned website and other online and offline channels that falsely impersonate the Company. The Company’s only official website is

Mercator Medical Group will report any suspicious or unlawful activities undertaken by any person or organisation falsely impersonating the Company to the relevant authorities, and reserves the right to take legal action against fraudsters.

With reference to information we have received about attempts to impersonate Mercator Medical S.A. or Mercator Medical Group companies to fraudulently obtain an advance payment for allegedly owned merchandise, we urge you to exercise caution and carefully verify your business partners.

Mercator Medical Team

Fraud alert