We use our hands as a tool when cleaning, cooking and room service, so it is a good idea to give them proper attention. Cleaning agents, working in humid conditions or with contaminants can damage sensitive skin. For this reason, proper personal protective equipment should be used.

Why are the gloves so important?

When working in the HoReCa industry – in particular during the increased sanitary regime – wear protective gloves appropriate for the working conditions in the hotel, for cleaning and customer service.

Each profession in HoReCa has different working conditions. Each of them has different OHS rules that are intended to ensure the safety of employees and customers.

If you frequently come into contact with unwanted substances, your skin may become dry and prone to allergies. To prevent this, wear suitable single-use gloves.

Remember the following basic principles.
  • One pair of gloves (minimum) = one procedure.

  • Use only single-use gloves and discard them after removal!

  • For hygienic reasons, wear single-use gloves for each activity.

  • Do not disinfect used gloves – it is not allowed!

  • Use double gloving when performing procedures with a high risk of infection.

  • Select appropriate glove material for the specific task – pay attention to the barrier properties of the material.

  • Always disinfect hands before and after putting on and taking off the gloves; wash your hands if necessary.

  • When working with gloves on, do not touch personal objects (such as a mobile phone), which provide a hotbed for bacteria.

  • When performing activities with a high risk of damage of hands, use gloves made of a thicker material.

  • If the glove becomes mechanically damaged during use, be sure to take it off and put on a new pair.

  • Choose the correct glove size and raw material for your hands.

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