Retail is a sector affected by the new sanitary regime. It is required to cover the mouth and nose in shops and to disinfect hands. These two rules apply to both staff and customers.

Every shop assistant has contact with customers, and they can be carriers of bacteria, viruses and fungi. Our hands are a primary route of transmission of microorganisms, so store and warehouse staff are required to wear single-use gloves.

What to pay attention to?

The most important standard that employees and customers in the retail industry should note is ISO 374-5:2016.

It is also advisable to choose gloves made of non-sensitising materials – they will be used every day, so they should feel comfortable on the skin.

When handling food, a special Food Contact Material certificate will be required. All gloves offered by Mercator have this certificate.

  • use only single-use gloves and discard them after removal!

  • for hygienic reasons, wear single-use gloves for each activity;

  • Do not disinfect used gloves – it is not allowed!

  • select appropriate glove material for the specific task – pay attention to the barrier properties of the material;

  • always disinfect hands before and after putting on and taking off the gloves; wash your hands if necessary;

  • when working with gloves on, do not touch personal objects (such as a mobile phone), which provide a hotbed for bacteria;

  • when performing activities with a high risk of mechanical damage of the hands, use gloves made of a thicker material;

  • if the glove becomes mechanically damaged during use, be sure to take it off and put on a new pair;

  • choose the correct glove size and raw material for your hands.

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