Shareholder structure

Shareholder Share in the share capital Share in the total number of votes
Anabaza RAIF V.C.I.C. Ltd.* 51,51% 63,15%
Mercator Medical S.A.** 8,23% 7,80%
Other shareholders 40,26% 29,05%
Total 100% 100%

* Anabaza RAIF V.C.I.C. Ltd. ("Anabaza") is controlled by Wiesław Żyznowski, who holds 100% of shares of Anabaza Ltd. and the same number of votes in the General Meeting of Shareholders of the company. Taking into account also the shares held by the controlled entity (Anabaza Ltd.and Mercator Medical S.A.) and persons with respect to whom it is deemed that there exists the agreement referred to in Article 87, Section 1.5 in conjunction with Article 87, Section 4 of the Public Offering Act and the Conditions for Admitting Financial Instruments to the Regulated System of Trading and on Publicly Traded Companies, Wiesław Żyznowski holds, directly and indirectly,63,49% of shares in the Issuer's share capital, giving him in total 73,65% of the total number of votes in the General Meeting.

** Own shares. In accordance with Article 364, paragraph 2, of the Commercial Companies Code, the Issuer shall not exercise participation rights carried by its own shares, save for the right to dispose of such shares or to perform actions aimed at preserving such rights.