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The business model we have adopted takes into account the company’s responsibility towards the surroundings and those stakeholder groups on which it has or can have significant influence (Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR). For us, conducting business in an ethical, pro-social manner, taking into account the needs of our employees and environmental care, is just as important as the ongoing development of our organisation. For the Mercator Medical Group, environmental care is particularly important, as is maintaining our position in the sector in the markets of Central and Eastern Europe, offering innovative, safe and comfortable products, achieving good economic results or a systematic commercial expansion.

We are openly talking about our actions for society and the natural environment

We want to be transparent and fair. Our non-financial report for 2020 is a comprehensive and extensive account of the non-financial activities of the Group. We invite you to read this document – learn about Mercator Medical’s activity and structure. See how we are trying to grow in line with the principles of economic sustainable development.

We are open to dialogue

We are open to dialogue

In working on the report, we wanted to address all current and potential expectations of our stakeholders, we are open to dialogue and we encourage comments on the report and the actions taken by the Group.

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