Corporate social responsibility

The information in this section has been prepared for everyone interested in the non-financial activities of the Mercator Medical Group. This is not only a summary of our existing charitable and social campaigns, but also a place where we try to answer the question of how we understand corporate social responsibility. We also present here the most important issues in our non-financial reports. We are socially responsible and we want to share this!

We care about our surroundings!

We believe that doing business requires active involvement in the matters concerning society. That is why we are trying to make all our efforts change the world for the better. We want to take care not only of ourselves, but of the next generations as well, so that they can also enjoy all the resources.

Our priority is to build a safe future for all our stakeholders. To achieve this, we are developing the best and most innovative solutions for medical gloves and single-use medical materials. We increase our efficiency thanks to synthetic products which are safe for users and do not cause allergic reactions. Our mission is to work for the prevention of infections and contamination. We have this sense of great responsibility for our surroundings because we understand the strategic role of our organisation.

We care about our surroundings!

We want our initiatives to contribute to the sustainable development of local communities wherever we do business.

We provide special care to the regions in which we operate. We want to be the best neighbour and support for the residents! We provide employment growth in local communities, as well as an overall improvement in the quality of life in regions. We help hospitals, hospices, foundations, schools and governmental and non-governmental organisations. We consistently care about the development of the communities in which we operate – we do not forget that almost one thousand three hundred of our employees come from them.

development 1

The company’s headquarters is located in Krakow.

development 4

We have 2 production facilities in Thailand.

development 2

The Logistics Centre and Sales Office are located in Stary Brześć.

development 3

We rent storage space in Gdańsk.

Every day, we try to minimise the ecological footprint.

Our development strategy and the business model we have adopted are based on the fundamental premise: We have only one planet and its natural capital is limited, so we have to take care of it. The development of a model of social and economic growth that does not contribute to the degradation of the environment is necessary, and at the same time this is a task without precedent in the history of our civilisation.

We limit and eliminate environmentally harmful factors,

both in day-to-day operations and in long-term projects. We would not be able to operate without the resources provided by the natural environment – awareness of this fact makes us actively look for new solutions and try to optimise how we utilise raw materials. We invest in modern technologies that allow us to scale up production without having a negative impact on the natural environment.

factor 1

We are planning to introduce an environmental management system at the production facility in Thailand, identify significant aspects of the company’s operation, measure them and set targets for the impact of our activities on the climate, which we will implement by 2030.

factor 2

We are looking for solutions that will reduce water consumption during the manufacture of single-use gloves.

factor 3

We are increasing the share of green energy and making improvements in electricity consumption.

factor 4

We are looking for new eco-friendly product formulas.

factor 5

We monitor government decisions related to the fight against climate change and actively work to reduce our negative environmental impact.

Ethical issues are of particular importance to us.

Not only do they prove respect for other people, but also represent a mature corporate culture. We are committed to promoting these within our organisation and among our stakeholders and business partners. We create new corporate structures – of internal control, ethics management and corporate risk management. Our organisational programs and regulations are based on the best global standards.

We are responsible for our employees!

In our relationship with our employees and business partners who work for the Mercator Medical Group, we adhere to standards and principles of work ethics.  

  • The Group’s staff policy is based on accepted values, a system of professional competences and open communication.
  • We respect the private sphere.
  • Open and meaningful communication guarantees good relationships with employees.
  • We strive to achieve the goals that are clearly defined, measurable, attainable and rewarded.
  • We are focused on the development of our Group and the best possible result.
  • Our actions guarantee quality, service, reliable information and technical support for our customers.
  • We are committed to the professional and personal development of our employees – we have a family-friendly approach, support young mothers and workers of a pre-retirement age.

We are responsible for our product!

Being active in the single-use medical device industry, we take responsibility for the safety of our products, and even for human health and life. The most important factors for us are product quality and patient safety.

  • The products we offer help to minimise the risk of infection.
  • We pay particular attention to quality at each stage: manufacturing, storage, distribution and sales of products.
  • We have our own packaging facility with a clean zone adapted to the packaging of medical devices.
  • We are subject to periodic audits of the notified body.
  • We have appropriate tests and certificates, as well as instructions and technical sheets for all products in our range.
  • We audit our suppliers for documentation and for production and social conditions.
  • We ensure reliable and clear information about our products, including through the application of user-friendly packaging and preparation of information materials.
  • We monitor the quality of products placed on the market and the associated marketing activities.

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