santex® anatomic PP

Ideal fit to your hand!

santex® anatomic are gloves tailored to your hand. The anatomical design makes these diagnostic latex gloves perfect for longer procedures.


Available sizes



As they are designed for the right and left hand separately, santex® anatomic significantly reduce fatigue during procedures. The technology previously used only in the production of surgical gloves can now be found on your hands.

santex® anatomic are thicker and longer than standard latex gloves, which provides better resistance to mechanical damage.

Go for comfort and strength!

The textured surface of the gloves guarantees a secure grip even in humid conditions. In addition, santex® anatomic conform to the US standard ASTM F1671 determining resistance to viruses, bacteria and fungi.

santex® anatomic are recommended for applications where strong latex gloves with thicker walls and a long cuff should be used to protect the forearms as well.

santex® anatomic PP:

Longer and thicker diagnostic latex gloves
Longer and thicker diagnostic latex gloves
Minimum length: 280 mm
Minimum length: 280 mm
Resistant to viruses in accordance with the US standard ASTM F1671.
Resistant to viruses in accordance with the US standard ASTM F1671.
Anatomical design of the gloves reduces hand fatigue.
Anatomical design of the gloves reduces hand fatigue.

Especially recommended for:


Product type
medical and protective
Medical grade
Protection type
Internal surface
Impermeability level (AQL)
Glove length
longer and thicker gloves
Suitable for sensitive skin
no, latex gloves, powdered


Standards and certifications:

Conformity with standards:

Regulation (EU) 2016/425

EN ISO 13485:2016

Regulation (EU) 2017/745

EN 1041

EN 420

EN ISO 15223-1

EN 455(1-4)

Recommended applications
Beauty Beauty
Health care Health care
HoReCa&Cleaning HoReCa&Cleaning
Industry Industry
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Choose the correct size:

The size of the glove should fit perfectly on the hand. This directly affects safety and comfort at work.

To find your size, measure the width of your hand just above your thumb (widest part of your hand).

Width: 72-82 mm
Length: ≥ 260 mm
Width: 78-88 mm
Length: ≥ 260 mm
Width: 84-94 mm
Length: ≥ 270 mm
Width: 90-100 mm
Length: ≥ 270 mm
Width: 96-108 mm
Length: ≥ 270 mm
Width: 102-114 mm
Length: ≥ 280 mm
Width: 108-120 mm
Length: ≥ 280 mm

Material characteristics:


Thanks to the natural raw material, latex gloves are biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Proteins in latex may cause a type I allergy, which is why the product is not recommended for people prone to allergic reactions.

Latex gloves provide:
  • high elasticity and softness,
  • strength and comfortable use,
  • excellent tactile sensitivity, the glove feels like a „second skin”.

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